5 Hour Rule to Advance in Career

It all started with my TV and phone subscription contract changes. I got a call, negotiated the new terms, and got a message from a lovely lady that I have a free HBO membership for the next 6 months. Well well well, I immediately went and checked whether there is anything useful I could watch. There it was, So So So inspiring the HBO movie ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’. I have watched it, re-watched a few parts, and recommended it to colleagues and friends and anyone who asks me what to watch. Now, I’m thrilled to recommend it to you, too, because it’s honest, down-to-earth and full of simple yet powerful wisdom.

Watch Becoming Warren Buffett | Prime Video
“You’re only going to get one body and one mind in your life, so you better take care of it.” W. Buffett

Then, I went on and ordered some of the most recommended books by Warren Buffett and got lost in the world of the Internet reading about what such beautiful human beings do during the day to stay on top of their game. I cam across the article called ‘Bill Gates, Warren Buffett And Oprah All Use The 5-Hour Rule’, which I totally recommend reading. The article explores, how top business leaders spend 5 hours per week, or 1 hour a day on a weekday, to deliberately learn and practise. That deliberate learning and practise consists of reading, reflection and experimentation. I encourage you to read the article and learn more about it! This definitely keeps me motivated to study for my exams and continue my new reading habit that I re-discovered this year again! I hope you found this post motivational, my friends, and I wish you all a very nice week!

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. –Steve Jobs

With love, Loreta

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