Travel: Salt Lake City, USA #1

In the end of September I received a memory photo on my phone – the memory was from 5 years ago when I last visited the USA (have been a few times in total). It was a very special occasion – my dear friend was getting married and I was invited to be a bridesmaid. We’ve met during our university years in Denmark and I remember how I half joking, half serious told her that once she’ll be getting married, I’ll come to see her. Many months forward, I was about to go to sleep, and suddenly I received a message on my phone – it was a picture of my friend being engaged – believe me, I jumped out of my bed and told myself: Loreta, everything is possible!


In the next post, I’ll share some highlights from the trip, but today, remembering the wedding, I’d like to share a few memories from the wedding. The wedding was stunning, up in the mountains

The place we stayed before the wedding
The houses we’ve stayed in before the wedding
Fall colours are magical

The wedding venue was in the mountains, literally. In order to participate in the ceremony, we had to go up using a funicular, which was an opportunity for me to take some photos that you can enjoy below. Then afterwards we went back to attend the reception.

Violet is my friend’s favourite colour, so no surprise that the theme colour was violet. As a bridesmaid, I had my dress and a bucket in that colour:


The next day after the wedding, we had a hiking tour in the forests. I was so excited about it, because I love nature, love hiking and those views were mesmerising. I’m glad we did it, and hopefully one day we’ll do it again.

Nature in fall indeed is wild and magical
Love the view, so relaxing
This view reminded me of movies I used to watch with my dad as a child
Who is that enjoying the view?
Walking into the wild

And that is it! Thank you so much for reading, or rather exploring this photo diary from the trip. I would love to hear from you, have you been in the USA or would like to travel there? And which place would that be? Let’s share and dream together, I’m sure that one day we’ll travel there!

With love, Loreta

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